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Ramakrishna Mission, Malliankaranai
Ramakrishna Mission, Malliankaranai
A branch centre of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math

Proposed Higher Secondary School Building

Why We Need a Higher Secondary School Building:

At Ramakrishna Mission Malliankaranai, we have consistently strived to provide quality education and empower the underprivileged rural youth. In our pursuit of this mission, we recently received approval to establish a Higher Secondary School. The first batch of students has already embarked on their educational journey, and the demand for higher education is growing.

The importance of this Higher Secondary School cannot be overstated. It stands as the sole educational institution within an 8-kilometer radius, making quality education accessible to students who would otherwise be deprived of this opportunity. Additionally, our commitment to girl child education remains steadfast. In rural areas, ensuring access to quality education for girls is a vital step towards gender equality and empowerment. The new Higher Secondary School will play a pivotal role in this regard, fostering the educational growth of our female students.

Proposed Site for the School Building ::   Proposed School Building Site

Design Plan for the Building Project:

Ground Plan:

  • The Ground Plan diagram illustrates the layout of the first floor of the proposed Higher Secondary School Building.
  • This floor covers an area of approximately 9319 square feet.
  • It includes Two Classrooms, a teachers' room, four laboratories (Computer, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology), and two laboratory material rooms

First Floor Plan:

  • The first floor of the building, covering a similar area of about 9319 square feet, features 8 classrooms and two teacher rooms.
  • The building's infrastructure will include 200 classroom tables with 20 tables per class. Three classrooms will be equipped as "Smart Classrooms" with projectors installed.
  • Ten tables for teachers will also be arranged, enhancing the teaching environment.

Additional Infrastructure Details:

  • Separate toilets will be built for both boys and girls, covering an area of 700 square feet.
  • A cycle stand for students will be built to promote eco-friendly transportation.
  • The building will boast top-quality materials, including marble floors, doors with Vengai wood frames and shutters, and UPVC frame sliding shutters with ventilators.
  • Walls will be meticulously painted with one coat of primer wash and two coats of color wash and paint, ensuring a vibrant learning atmosphere.
  • Grills will be painted with enamel paint for a polished finish.
  • Electrification will adhere to ISI standards, employing the best available materials such as Kundan, Anchor, and more.

The Proposed Higher Secondary School Building aims to create a modern and conducive learning environment for our students. It's a testament to our dedication to providing quality education and empowering the youth in rural areas. 

With your support, this project will transform the lives of countless students, fostering their educational growth and brightening their futures. Join us in this transformative journey towards a more educated and empowered community.